1 Parties

1.1. These Terms of Use (hereinafter abbreviated to "Conditions" referred to); http://www.umayvillashop.com/ (hereinafter the "Site") and you, the person who visits the site of the user (hereinafter referred to as "visitors" referred to) "Visitor" s that you understand and accept these Terms in order that declared realized that entered into force with the approval of electronics.

1.2. www.umayvillashop.co broadcast Site name field, Purtelash Maher Hasan Efendi, Salıpazarı Hill Sok, No: 4/4 which is located in Beyoglu address MOTUS PRODUCTION UMAY VILLA (may be referred to as umayvillashop.co) is managed by.

1.3. Site and Visitor individually, "Party" is together the "Parties" shall be known as.

2 Reconciliation

2.1. To enter this web site and / or to provide access for any reason, or to use any information on this website you agree to the following terms means. Therefore, please, the following conditions before using the Site, containing rules and legal responsibilities should carefully read the Terms of Use. If any of the terms stated herein are not suitable for you to use our site.

2.2. Your use of the Site, your use of any content on the site or share and / or personal information will be written in a form to fill out this page means you have accepted the terms and conditions. Sites at any time this disclaimer and terms of use page content update withhold its authorization because the Site each time you visit membership and terms of use to review the new changes to be aware of terms is therefore proposed site access to your continued these Terms of Use will be included in amendments and updates means that you accept.

3 General Terms & Conditions

3.1. Site, to be used in accordance with the legislation in force, provided it is open to everyone. For visitors to take advantage of all the content published on the Site is free to use. Site Visits in certain cases mentioned in Conditions may prevent the use of the Site and the person or persons to use any statutory rights, and reserves the right to pursue any legal way:

3.1.a. Ziyatretçi by the site's overall security will threaten and / or the Site and the software used in the work to prevent the software to use, attempt to use or posted on the Site and / or publication of the information being taken, deletion, modification or website in the usual way interfere with the operation of the operation for The realization of all kinds of hardware and software and the servers work misses, leading to a deterioration opening, reverse engineering, intrusion arranging, occupied or other means to intervene in the service provider's servers providing access attempted is strictly prohibited.

3.1.b. Visitors of the site, techniques or taking advantage of any open another aspect, the site of damage, ensuring an unfair advantage, made repeated applications of the system or misuse of the Site,

3.1.c. Site of the Legislation in force arising from all rights and next to them in addition to the above-described and not limited to a similar nature which transactions were noted when the Site, these operations can cancel the purchase agreement unilaterally may immediately terminate. In all the cases mentioned in this direct visitor is responsible for civil and criminal.

3.2. Site any part or any content to access, acquire, copy or monitor or to the Site or any Content navigation structure or presentation in any way reproduce or jump Site by deliberately not given any way any material, document or to obtain information or to obtain departure, in order to "deep-link" "page-scrape", "robot", "spider" or other automatic device, program, algorithm or methodology, or any similar or equivalent manual processes can not use. umayvillashop.co reserves the right to prohibit this type of activity.

3.3. Of the site to any part or the Site in connection with other systems or networks, umayvillashop.co to the server on the Site or the Site available through any service, hacking, password "hunting" or other illegitimate means unauthorized access to the kalkışamazs you.

3.4. The Site or any network connected to the Site shall not examine the vulnerability, can not scan or test the Site or any network connected to the Site on the security or authentication measures can not violate. Site of any other users or visitors or umayvillashop.co 's another customer's information, you do not own any umayvillashop.co account, including resources until you can not follow or not follow the attempts You may not. Sites on the Site or through the Site or any services or knowledge, as indicated by the Site except for your own information, including but not limited to personal information in order to explain your use.

3.5. Site or umayvillashop.co 's systems or networks, or umayvillashop.co My Site to any system or network connected unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the infrastructure that you need to avoid any kind of action.

3.6. The Site or any transaction conducted on the Site or the Site's working correctly by another party that could affect the safe operation of any device, software or routine can not use.

3.7. On the Site or through the Site or any services offered through the Site through umayvillashop.co 'a source of messages that you send or store the message headers or identifiers in order to imitate you can not use. As someone else or someone else does not pretend to represent or another person or organization you can not imitate.

3.8. The Site or any Content non-statutory or these Rules of Use in a prohibited purpose or for any illegal activity or umayvillashop.co 's or others violate the rights other than an activity to ensure that you can not use.

4 Use of Content

4.a. All kinds of visual and written content presented on the site are for personal use only. The site's content located in all text, graphics, photographs, videos, animations, sounds, domain names, logos, icons, electronic and technical data; Sites database; Site practiced in page design and not limited to all of the elements and their legally protected relationship with the owner of all intellectual and industrial property rights or licensor Site and all these elements are under legal protection. These elements or use of the Site without written permission is prohibited granted. Terms scope and current legislation in terms that are banned this verb Site Visitors to be performed by or carried attempted upon by the Site to take legal action to be referenced and Visitors legal way to be resorted result to be born in all of the results they are undertaking, By using the Site agrees to.

4.b. Factors listed in Article 4 of the Site, unless otherwise stated in these Terms, or for commercial or personal purposes can not be used without permission and showing the source. Any element contained in the Site in any other media or to publish on the web site or provide links to these elements of the site without permission is prohibited. In the same way, visitors belong to third parties or links to third party can not place on the site.

4.c. Also design of these pages and the database used in the creation and all rights belong to the site of the software and the software source code to be copied and / or unauthorized use, reverse engineering, Site and situated in these Terms 4th substances determined by all kinds of written and visual content, site management by the site decided to publish and which is published ads and advertising content modification, copying, publication, public presentation, shortening, resizing, removal, deletion, Visitors by this similar purposes, either directly or indirectly use is prohibited.

4.D. Downloaded from the site are provided for umayvillashop.co products and services on all the information (data sheets, articles, and similar materials), (1) the documents in question all copies of any of the property warning statement not remove, (2) the data concerned only their personal and the non-commercial informed purpose with use and this information or copy or in any networked computer or on any media not publishing, (3) the information in question changes that you do not and (4) the documents relating to an additional statement or warranties absence, provided that you can use it with.

5 Responsibilities and Violations

5.a. Site users from visiting specific usage, the (visit duration, time to visit the pages they viewed, etc..) And user information (name, surname, e-mail address, etc..) Users to better and more personalized in order to serve and legal obligations in the framework of monitored and may be collected. The information obtained, to be bound by the confidentiality principle, subject site usage, to improve advertising and other matters shall, in cooperation with the firms can be shared. The visitor's personal information is also a legal requirement or members to contribute to the settlement of disputes which may arise between or the Site resulting from legal or contractual rights with the aim of Use can be shared with a third person or organization.

5.b. Visitors from the Site and services, while benefiting from the Turkish Penal Code, the Turkish Commercial Law, Intellectual and Artistic Works Law, Trademark and Patent Protection of the Rights associated with the Decree and other relevant legislation with the site regarding the services will publish all announcements and agrees to comply with the notification. This statement may arise due to the use of legal and illegal, criminal and financial responsibility of any kind will belong to the visitors.

5.c. With the obligations specified in these Terms or on the Site for failure to comply with the rules notified, by site visitor may be temporarily or permanently prevented from benefiting from the site, or may be restricted.

5.d. Visitors, other visitors use the Site or impede the movement of the inhibitor can not be found, the server or database programs can not force automatically and / or can not unlock. Applies to all kinds of data contained in the Site, including, misleading and fraudulent attempt can not be found. Otherwise, the access of visitors to the site can be terminated any kind arising from this case as civil and criminal liability shall be borne by the visitor.

5.e. Of visitors each or 3 relationships with the people themselves is the responsibility of visitors again.

5.f. Information to visitors on the site and / or with the purpose of convenience the different risks associated with links to external web sites are fully belong to the visitors who visit this link.

5.g. In certain parts of the site or parts of it different rules specific to the relevant section and / or liabilities can be specified. This section uses the rules for people and organizations to use this section to start with would have accepted.

5.h. Visitor, start to benefit from the site as soon as all the provisions of these Terms and Conditions will be deemed to have accepted the provisions referred to himself agrees on. Visitors to the obligations they have undertaken with these Terms breaching any loss which may be suffered due to the site will compensate exactly. The site visitor Conditions or on the site contrary to the rules on behavior to third parties and / or public institutions have to pay can be any compensation and / or administrative / criminal fines for the visitor to the same recourse is entitled.

5.i. Entering the site, the site or the information on the site and other data programs, etc.. Due to the use, breach of contract, tort or any other reasons virtue, which may arise directly or indirectly Site is not responsible for any damages.

5.j. Site, breach of contract, tort, negligence, or the like due to other reasons, the process is interrupted, error, omission, interruption, deletion, loss, processing or communication delay, computer virus, communications failure, theft, destruction or unauthorized entering records, modifying or use, depending on the time for reasons arising from the service provider take place without delay and deductions does not accept any liability in respect.

5.k. The site may contain links or references to other internet sites. Site, or the content of these sites contain other links and / or content on the related links topicality, correctness, whether it is being published and so on. matters are not responsible for.

5.l. Through the Site or available through the Site any service through the posts you have made or communication umayvillashop.co 's could keep the law, if necessary or comply with legal process, to the present Rules of Use applying these data to others violates the rights allegations respond to purposes or umayvillashop.co 's officers, employees, users of the site and visitors and the public's rights, property, or to protect the security of such a storage or sharing is necessary in cases where the said data umayvillashop.co' c can share.

5.m. The present Rules of Use or wholesale orders have, as the site by you regarding the use of other agreements or guidelines that you have violated the event of detection, umayvillashop.co 's own initiative on the basis and without prior notice access to the Site you may cancel and / or future may prevent your access to the Site agree. Use of any violation of this Code of practice would constitute an unlawful and unfair, for umayvillashop.co can lead to irreparable damage agree.

5.n. umayvillashop.co 's own initiative on the basis and without prior notice access to the site your reason based on may cancel and the reasons (mentioned but not limited to): (1) law enforcement authorities or other official requests, (2) made by you demand, (3) the Site or through the Site or termination of a service offered through the Site or significantly changed or (4) unexpected technical issues or problems may contain agree.

5.o. umayvillashop.co I of this Terms of Use for violations of against you in any legal proceedings, if umayvillashop.co, I umayvillashop.co 'a recognized other rights in addition to the said transaction reasonable attorneys' fees and costs recovered from you is entitled to, and you said to pay the costs considered implies. umayvillashop.co 's Rules of Use of this breach due to the termination of your access to the Site or to a third party be liable to you agree that.

6 Rights and Obligations of the site

6.a. By using the Site to Site Visitors, Visitors of the services subject to these Terms, the service can not be provided due to technical malfunctions agrees that except for Utilization.

6.b. Site is committed to ensure continuity of services, these Terms also unilaterally make changes without notice. Visitors of the Site, any justification at all times and unilaterally, permanent or temporary cessation of the services provided, the service is going to change in the content or services agrees that there is a right to cancel. Site renovated under current conditions of use the same link with the new date update, publish and when deemed necessary can be found in the e-mail notification, but does not give any commitment in this regard. Refurbished current conditions of use posted on the Site, and will apply from the moment the use of the Site or services from that moment on will be renewed depending on the usage conditions.

6.c. Any type of material in violation of these Terms which is send to the Site without notice to visitors that may constitute a violation of the law due to the nature of the material in any type of site brought in court.

6.d. Visitors, after accepting these Terms, the Site or the Site, any kind related subsidiaries, agencies or institutions of any kind to them by electronic transmission or consent to the sending of text messages are accepted. In this context, the visitor by the site itself, by means of automated calling systems or other means of communication with further visitor information without prior authorization from the marketing and / or advertising messages can send an e-adopted.

6.e. Visitors at any time, without giving any reason within the scope of these Terms 6.d. as defined in article email messages and text messages opt out is going for it, reached him call the message or the contact information using the Website or receive services, the GSM operator demands in this area to convey will be sufficient. The site can be used by anyone to give up the demand itself as an easy and free way to ensure the transmission and receipt of the request and then as soon as the requirement of the request will be fulfilled.

6.f. My umayvillashop.co of the Site or the Site, any content, service or feature error-free, uninterrupted, or any defects will be corrected, the use of the site by you does not promise specific results would provide. Site and content "as is" and "as far as" is given. All information contained on this website subject to change without notice. Akarca Farm Foods and TR. Products. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti, any files that you download from the Site or other data, viruses, contaminating or destructive properties can not guarantee transport. Akarca Farm Foods and TR. Products. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti, accuracy and fitness for a particular purpose, including disclaims any warranty express or implied. Akarca Farm Foods and TR. Products. San. Tic. Ltd. STI of the site and / or any Akarca Farm Foods and TR. Products. San. Tic. Ltd. STI services in relation to the use by you of the status of third parties, neglect and refuses any responsibility regarding the behavior. Site and on the use of the linked site by you is at your own risk. Dissatisfaction with the site or in relation to any kind regarding the content of the site or you need to do is to end the use of such content that is part of the agreement between the parties.

6.G. The above warning just any underwriting unable to meet, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, operation or transmission delays, computer virus, communication line failure, theft, destruction, unauthorized access, alteration or use, breach of contract, tort, negligence or other legal reasons resulting loss, liability or damage are subject to availability.

6.h. umayvillashop.co wished when the below listed actions without notice entitled to: (1) Site or the Site, any part of the operation of or access for any reason, alter, suspend or cancel, (2) the Site or the Site any section and the applicable policies or rules change, (3) ordinary or extraordinary maintenance, error correction, or other changes to the Site or the Site any part of the operation of the Stoppages and (4) the products order quantity limitations regarding the application.

7 Force Majeure

In all cases legally deemed as force majeure, acts determined by these Terms of Site any late or incomplete due to exercise or not to perform is not responsible. Situations like this, and, for the site, delays, incomplete or default be deemed to exercise or performance or the Site under any name for this condition will not be claiming compensation. Force majeure term, natural disasters, riots, war, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, system-related improvements or refurbishment works and therefore may occur malfunctions, power outages and bad weather conditions, including, but not limited to, but not on the side outside the reasonable control, and although the site could not avoid exercise due diligence will be interpreted as unavoidable events.

8 Conditions of Entry into force and become void

8.1. Site Visitor these Terms and Site declared rules and requirements to comply with, visitors itself, its activities or to the Site, including that of any content, legal, technical, and especially information security in the sense that pose a risk or a third person, the personal and commercial in nature because it is generating prejudice to the rights, without any warning to visitors about the visitor's service may stop temporarily or permanently.

8.2. Conditions, with the realization of one of the enumerated cases of termination with no warning and without the need for additional notice will be automatically void.

8.3. This User Agreement If any provision of a competent court or by the board, invalid or unenforceable in case of such provisions, the minimum extent curtailed or removed and the present Rules of Use of the validity in order to continue the use of the Code aim close to a valid provision shall be replaced with. The present Terms of Use, and umayvillashop.co between parties relating to the use of the Site represents the entire agreement.

9 Settlement of Disputes

All disputes that may arise in connection with these Conditions primarily in the provisions contained herein, the matters included in the Conditions shall apply the law of the Republic of Turkey. Resolution of disputes arising from the implementation of the Convention on the Milas courts and executive agencies will be authorized.

10 Validity of Registration Sites

Visitors, these conditions may arise from disputes the site in their database, servers, holding a electronic records and system records, business records, notebooks, records, microfilm, microfiche and computer records valid binding, final and exclusive evidence would constitute, Site oath bid br ' i make HMK evidence in terms of substance, and that is in the nature of contract acceptance, declare and undertake.

11 Force

11.1. These Terms and Conditions and referenced and Conditions are an integral part of that site that is reported in all of the requirements, published documents and annexes consisting of contract by the visitor to the site to enter and / or any duplication in the provision of access or on this website any information regarding the use and / or Visitors read and accepted the Conditions by mutually accepted and entered into force. Visitors began to visit the site from the moment you accept all the conditions specified herein and Conditions is deemed to have come into force.

11.2. This agreement is Article 11, the Site at any time by updating these terms and conditions of use of this reserves the right to make changes to our user agreement.


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