Bilkent University in 1991, majoring in English Language and Literature graduate, I did my Master's at the University of Vienna. Between the years 1991-2006 in Vienna, Paris, Turin and Milan lived. I'm living in Istanbul since 2006, have two children. pilates if I meet in Vienna in 1997 after the first pregnancy to have my old form was thanks to my research. Pilates expertise I received my education in the UK in two different schools. Other than Turkish fluent German, English and Italian know. 2,010 in the year in Turkey, a Turkish written by pilates book and whether those with foreign language translations from seeing that first Pilates book that'' PILATES WITH REGIONAL SLIMMING'' my book followed the same book, dvd ' I sini released. In October 2012 year PILATES AND FITNESS FOR YOUNG ADULTS'''' DVD was released. In May, a new fitness and pilates book will hit the shelves.