Data collection is based on the principle of trust, security, it is important to us. For this reason, your name or any other information about you as described in this privacy statement only will be used, in cases where you only need, our relationship will collect data as required.

The data we collect for the duration of the legal requirements of the state or why we collect will store for more. Can log in to the site without providing any personal information and you can visit. Visit the site for you, login with your username and password if you do, you will remain anonymous and will not be able to define.

1 The data we collect

In case you want to order from the Site, we may collect various information from you.

Data from the site will perform later in the purchase and use in your request and we collect in order to deliver our services to you. Your title, your name, your gender, your e-mail address, mailing address, delivery address (if different from mailing address), phone number, mobile phone number, fax number, payment details, we can hide.

This information for any product, we need to complete your order. This data, your payment process and products you can use to deliver. This data that you send your product / are to be sent to inform you that we can use. Your name and address 3 In order to deliver your product to one side, you could share. (Eg shipping company) These data also administer the site, you get to pay the site's various sections allow you to use, forgery or sites that can be done abuses, to identify the site and about our products with you to share information or communicate with you I need to go where we can use.

The payments made through the site that we negotiated financial institutions (eg banks) are to be handled by users to the site and we negotiated to the organization is obliged to provide complete and up-to-date data. Credit card or payment information by us saklanmayıp only be accessed by the relevant financial institutions. Can be kept by the details of your order and not always can be open to direct access. However, this information by logging into your account on the site you can always reach. Here was completed, shipment made, which is to be done in order to have access to your details, address, payment information or records that you can manage sharing options. Your not allowed access to the information and information 3 Parties are responsible for about sharing. In cases of improper use of your password, this user has been caused by us, unless we do not accept responsibility.

Other uses of your personal information

Market research and a variety of personal information we can use to make inferences. Your personal information anonymously and only used for statistical purposes. This is when you want to use in blocking hakkına own. by asked to fill out any survey data 3 Parties will not be shared. E-mail address only contest / sweepstakes will want to share in case you want to join. For the survey responses, regardless of your e-mail address is registered and stored.

You, about us,, product, promotions, discounts, newsletters, or notifications associated with our group companies or our business partners we can. In the cases referred to in this paragraph if you do not wish to receive this information, we are sending you can use the link in the email message. The information referred to sending your request within 7 business days following (Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in Turkey external) will cut. In case your request is not clear enough, you may contact for information.

The site's users information more highly anonymous, thus making the user their region to determine the site's various sections to measure the use, or sent e-mail in the use of links like watching for different purposes and they 3.taraf may share with (eg broadcasters)


Lottery to determine the winners and prizes will use your information to inform. Detailed information about the raffle are available from the terms of use.

Third parties and links

We may share your information with our group companies on our site. In addition, the information stated in the privacy statement or our proxy for the completion of the activities we share with our subcontractors can. As an example, your product be delivered to you, payments received or to be used for marketing and customer satisfaction information for analysis 3 parties can use. Information in order to prevent counterfeiting 3 can be shared with the parties. A part of the Agency in the event of a transfer of all or where personal information may be transferred to our database. TC courts, tax offices, law enforcement agencies and institutions upon request similar public information will be shared with concerned agencies and organizations. Site 3 party ads, links to different sites or specific parts of frames can accommodate. We would like to draw your attention,, I have stated in the privacy statement states that we share information within 3 The parties' information security / privacy is not responsible for providing.

2 Cookies (cookie)

To visit the site of the acceptance of cookies is not a requirement. However, from the site to place an order and "basket" of property use, but cookies to be activated is made possible by. Cookies, site visit for your computer to our servers "individual" as a visitor identifies and by your browser on your computer's hard drive hosted are small text files. Cookies, Internet Protocol (IP) numbers by providing recognition of your site you want to visit or while you are saving time. Cookies, use the site to make it easier (eg Order your basket you want to update the e-mail address and login again without having to recognize you be able to) use it for is in, personal information gathering purposes (eg Targeted marketing) do not use. Internet, your browser set to accept cookies, but this will restrict your use of our site. Size of cookies, which contain personal or private information and give confidence that the virus can not accommodate.

3 Security

Information to prevent unlawful or unauthorized access or accidental damage, technical competence necessary to avoid the loss is available. The information you provide during the use of the site is stored on a secure server. Our servers are protected by various firewall applications. Information and payment-details in the process of electronically gathering Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is being used. No failing with 100% security guarantee, this technology hackers access to information makes it quite difficult. In electronic communication with us will make credit card or payment information, we recommend you not to share all the way. Information collection, storage and sharing to provide security at the stage of physical, electronic and procedural protection methods are used, this is our time to share some information with you at times may require you to verify your identity before. Password to prevent unauthorized access to your computer and the user is the person responsible for.

This privacy statement in order to protect your interests by us indicated that the utmost care is shown. However, despite the utmost care in this evolving technological conditions of security systems within the site that suffered damage in the event of inadequate will be compensated by us would like to know.

4 Permit

By using the Site to us or our proxy sharing personal information, information as indicated in this privacy statement and will be used in the manner described can be adopted. This privacy statement may be made unilaterally by us.